Vestire il Paesaggio




Pistoia Province and the Pistoia and Pescia Bank Foundation have organized a convention in Pistoia (in Tuscany, very near from Florence and Pisa) focusing on the meeting between the decorative plants culture manufacturers and the international landscape‘s experts and designers.
The convention is organized in Pistoia, by Province and Pistoia and Pescia Bank Foundation with the collaboration of Pistoia Municipality and many others partners, because Pistoia is the national, but even European, leader Province for the plants manufacturing. Beside, since a long time the resident manufactures have been established a huge relationship’s net with the international plants markets where quality and big variety of their produce is very appreciated.
For these reasons Pistoia Province has thought to begin this ambitious project named “Styling Landscape” which has the full involvement of Universities, international and European professional boards, to realize an enrichment between the resident plants manufacturing and the international research and designing landscape centres, also with the participation of manufacturing associations, the involved compartments and public authorities.
“Styling Landscape” is an open meeting, showing in Pistoia, 28 june - 1 july, with many events in Celle Farm, City Hall and Bolognini Theatre.
Pistoia is a very nice country, very typical medieval kind, with beautiful mountains and arts attractions, very near to Florence, Collodi and Pisa. The Province is an Italian Public Authority which usually unites some Commons. Pistoia Province unites 22 Commons, which all together counts 250.000 people about.
As Public Authorities, the Province, in Italy, has many different duties: services for job, education, culture, tourism, economic development, environmental respect, social care, road system. In their everyday activities it works in collaboration with the others local Authorities, as Region and Commons, and with the Italian Government. The President of Pistoia Province is, since 1999, Mr. Gianfranco Venturi. He works with a groups of eight Chairmen everyone competent for different Commission.